Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paid to Read or Click on Ads

Here are a few sites that pay you to read e-mail, click on banner ads, paid to promote your link and more. All of these sites have paid me and have been online for 7+ years. They are all free to join and very easy to do and earn money.

A Certified Paying Program and has been online for over 7 Years.
Get paid to click. Get paid to read email, share links and more. Free to join.
Per Click $0.01
Ref. Click $0.05 (3 levels)
Earn 5% of Ref. Click/Sale
Payout $10 Paypal
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Is another Certified Paying Program and online for over many years.
There are several ways to make money with Adpaid, paid to read, paid to click
paid to take surveys,completing offers and shopping.
Fast & Low $3 payout via Paypal, E-Gold or Gift Certificates.

Has been around for several years. Very Strong and Honest site.

There are several ways to earn money, Paid to Read, Click Ads, Play Games,
Surveys, Reviews and Offers.
Low $1 Payout Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, AlterGold and E-Gold.
Referrals go 5 levels deep. No Minimum Payout

A trusted and professional site.
Per Click pays 2 cents
Per Ref Click 1 cent
Sign Up Bonus $10
Easy $25 Payout Become gold member at 1st payout!

Get paid to read e-mails. Earn a $5 Sign-up Bonus
Up to 5 cents per e-mail ad read
Complete offers
Get paid to Shop Online

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